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What You’ll Find Inside…

Module 1 : Lead Magnet

I wrote this report with one goal in mind – to help you get sales. Period.

Weighing in at 2,538 words, this short guide will show your subscribers how to build a profitable online business with $0.

All you’ll need to do is insert your affiliate links throughout the guide! It’s that easy.

I’ve even provided you the editable ecovers.

Everything is laid out in simple, easy-to-follow steps. Of course, all they’ll need to do is sign up with’s free plan and they’ll be good to go.

The goal here is to get them signed up… and later on, Systeme’s email sequence will get them to upgrade. You’ll still get paid!

That’s fantastic.

Module 2 : Opt In Page

Building an opt in page has NEVER BEEN EASIER!

If you have a account, all you’ll need to do is click on the link I give you

And voila! You’ll see the opt in page appear in your account.

It takes literally seconds for you to have your very own opt in page that looks just like the image above.

If you’re using other page builders, I’ve still provided you the opt in page copy… and a link to the page so that you can model it.

Module 3 : PLR Review

Let me tell you something… when it comes to writing product reviews, I’m the man!

After writing hundreds of ClickBank PLR reviews and getting countless sales for my customers, I could sell a cat to a mouse!

It’s no different here. I’ve written an awesome review that’s well-balanced and is still slanted in favor of the platform.

It’s 2,049 words long… and once again, all that you have to do is post the review  and add your affiliate links.

The review is persuasive, informative, engaging… and will get your audience clicking on your links to sign up with

You have to see it to believe it!

Module 4 : 10 Promo PLR Articles

Oh look! PLR articles…

Another thing I’m an expert atYou’re really lucky to have me. 

After writing THOUSANDS of articles, you can bet that these 10 articles are excellent.

Here’s where it gets interesting – every single article was written to not only inform and educate… but also to promote Systeme to your audience.

There are opportunities within every article for you to add your affiliate links. I’ve even highlighted the anchor text in blue so that you know where to add your links.

Article titles:

  • 5 Ways to Profit with (763 words)
  • Can You Make Money Online Using Without Spending a Cent? (852 words)
  • From Zero to Launch: Using to Create Your First Online Course (660 words)
  • 7 Reasons Why is the Ultimate Platform for Beginner Marketers (766 words)
  • Maximizing Affiliate Earnings: How Can Boost Your Income (722 words)
  • Proven 3-Step Affiliate Marketing Blueprint That Works with (716 words)
  • 7 Profitable Business Models Work on Systeme (845 words)
  • vs. Other Platforms: Why Marketers are Choosing It (576 words)
  • Unlocking Systeme’s Key Features to Boost Your Online Profits (828 words)
  • Will Save You Money in the Long Run? (682 words)

Module 5 : 7 Promo Emails

These 7 emails are to be copied and pasted in your email campaign.

From Day #0, the new subscriber will be told to download their lead magnet…

And in the following days, the emails will deliver more value while gently recommending to your subscribers.

This will ensure repeated exposure to the platform and boost your chances of getting sign ups and sales!

Module 6 : Keyword Research

Use this list of keywords in your future blog posts to target an audience that will be eager to sign up with

Module 7 : 3 Infographics

I hired a professional graphic designer to create these infographics which you can post on your blogs and/or social media.

They complement most of the articles in this bundle and you can easily use them with whichever post you want.

Just add your link to with a call to action below each infographic to get sales.

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