Millionaire Mafia – Instagram Mastery 2.0 (2019)

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Millionaire Mafia – Instagram Mastery 2.0 (2019)

The Instagram Mastery 2.0 Program is a 4-week online program with the goal of starting an Instagram based business and getting it profitable as humanly possible and using Instagram to grow your existing business if you have one with step by step proven methods taught by an Instagram expert making at least $20,000 per MONTH in personal income from Instagram.

Upon purchase, you will get access to the entire program which begins by showing you in a step by step format how to pick your niche, start an Instagram account, add 10,000 – 100,000 followers to it and sell it for at least $1,000 or monetize it in other ways we discuss in the program.
The program will then focus on using Instagram for your existing business if you have one, branding yourself as an expert and getting sales passively from Instagram.

This is 100% beginner friendly. This program is designed to work for a total novice without any prior experience. Through the 4 week course, you will get everything you need to grow Instagram accounts to 10k to 100k followers and then monetize them by either selling them or using one of the dozen monetization methods we discuss.


Six Figure Instagram Earner

Ben Oberg is a successful businessman online and offline. He started Vulcan Customs and Millionaire Mafia and using Instagram took them to a consistent 6 figures per year in their first year. Ben has taught thousands of people how they can use Instagram to make money online and helped multiple 6-7 figure businesses grow their online presence and add at least 6 figures to their yearly sales with his Instagram strategies.

Week 1: How to pick your niche and start your account the RIGHT way
Week 2: How to grow your account to 10k-100k followers
Week 3: How to sell your account for the highest amount + Other ways of monetizing your account
Week 4: Using Instagram For Your BUSINESS To Get Brand Recognition, Leads & Sales Passively

You’re Going To See…

  • Account Creation
  • Foundational Elements Of A Good Instagram Account
  • Gaining 100-10,000 Followers Per Day
  • The Perfect Post
  • DM Groups, S4S, & 1v1
  • Grow Your Account With Telegram
  • Automation
  • Content Is King
  • 0-100K Real Quick Strategy
  • Using Stories For New Followers
  • Pinned Stories
  • Selling Your Account For Big Money
  • Setting Up Your Instagram Account For Business
  • Getting Traffic with Instagram
  • Turning Your Comments Into Customers
  • Influencer Growth
  • IGTV
  • Brand Yourself As An Expert
  • How To Link Your Products On IG
  • IG Verification
  • Making Money w/ Starting Your Own IG Media Agency
  • Making Money w/ Brokering IG Accounts
  • Making Money w/ Selling Usernames & Logos
  • Making Money w/ Shoutouts
  • And much more…

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