Weiss Video – Viral Animated Reels (Minimalist After Effects Animation Training)

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Learn the basics of animation in After Effects that we used to grow our Instagram accounts to millions of followers.

In 1 year, Weiss Video grew 200k followers on Instagram and Visual Hustles grew 1.2m followers by utilizing the black and white minimalist animation style.

Weiss Video has used its style to add millions of followers for Dan Koe and other creators while increasing the reach of brands and helping drive new revenue from social media.

So how did we do this?

Viral animated reels with custom After Effects animations using 5 to 30-second reels.

Here’s how you can do this too with our Viral Animated Reels Course

We’ve made this course simple for beginners to get started and learn the basics of creating their first animated reel.

Learn how to create your first animated reel in under 1 hour.

The total time it will take you to learn from the videos in the course is 52 minutes.

No fluff, straight to the point, and easy to follow.

Here’s what is inside the course

Course Requirements: Adobe After Effects (Preferably version 24.03) + AE Plugins

Course Output: 10-Second Basic B/W Animation

Course Outline:

Chapter 1: Introduction to B/W Animation

Lesson 1 – What is a B/W Animation Style?

Lesson 2 – Where can you apply B/W Animations?

Lesson 3 – How to make “B/W Style” your Style?

Chapter 2: Introduction to After Effects

Lesson 1 – User Interface, Shortcuts, and Workarounds

Lesson 2 – Creating your First After Effects Project (Project and Composition Set up)

Lesson 3 – Tools to Create Your Assets (Shape Tool, Pen Tool, Text Tool)

Lesson 4 – Basic Transform Properties: Position, Scale, Rotation (AE Animation Fundamentals)

Lesson 5 – Bringing Your Assets to Life (Animating Transform Properties)

Chapter 3: Setting Up Your Course Output Composition

Lesson 1 – Importing Files (VOs, Images, References, SFX, etc)

Lesson 2 – Adding Captions/ Text Layers

Lesson 3 – Using Markers

Chapter 4: Creating Basic to Complex Shapes and Assets (in After Effects)

Lesson 1 – Combining Basic Shapes

Lesson 2 – Turning your Favorite Object into a Shape Layer

Lesson 3 – Assembling and Creating Story with Your Shapes

Chapter 5: Animating Your Shapes

Lesson 1 – Animating Sequence 1

Lesson 2 – Animating Sequence 2

Lesson 3 – Animating Sequences 3 & 4

Chapter 6: Adding SFX and VFX, then Export

Lesson 1 – Choosing your SFX and BG Music

Lesson 2 – Adding Layer Styles (Outer Glow)

Lesson 3 – Export Settings and Presets

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