[Group Buy] Train ChatGPT To Sound Like You (No Upsell)

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Grow your audience & authority and save HOURS of time each week with content that sounds like YOU.

Clinic Masterclass on ChatGPT, training it to speak with your brand voice, and using it to create content.

See real examples on how business owners, coaches and consultants can best use marketing, content and AI for your own goals – if that’s reducing reliance on referrals, growing your audience, or getting more sales online.

Personalized Brand Voice: Establish a consistent and authentic brand voice with the “Train Your AI Bestie” workflow, strengthening your brand identity and fostering trust.

Accelerate Content Creation: Save time and effort with a comprehensive 2-hour deep dive, enabling you to create high-quality content efficiently.

Content Generation: Unlock a wide array of ChatGPT prompts for different platforms, empowering you to engage audiences across various channels.

Content Repurposing: Discover my AI-powered workflow to turn content strategy into a multi-purpose tool… that you can literally use the rest of the year.

What’s In Train ChatGPT To Sound Like You?

Coaching Clinic With Maggie With Real Examples & Situations To Help You Create Custom AI-Powered Solutions For Your Content, Marketing And Audience Growth

2h+ Deep Dive On Content Creation With AI For Online Coaches, Consultants And Service Providers

20+ ChatGPT Prompts For Content Generation, Video Scripts, Written Content For LinkedIn, Facebook And Instagram

My ‘Train Your AI’ Brand Voice Workflow To Get ChatGPT To Write In Your Own, Unique Brand Voice


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