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Become great at sales copywriting & product messaging

Stop letting amateur copy wipe out your conversions.

Are you frustrated (or even embarrassed) by your website’s clunky, confusing sales copy?

You’re not alone.

As a marketer, you know that having a strong value proposition & relevant messaging is critical for maximizing conversions.

But knowing this doesn’t make writing them any easier.

Pinpointing what’s uniquely valuable about your product? That’s hard enough. Figuring out how to convey this value in words that convert … That can seem damn-near impossible.

But crafting high-converting value propositions and perfecting your sales page copy doesn’t have to be a painful, frustrating ordeal

You don’t need to start writing by staring haplessly at a blank page.

What you do need is a step-by-step framework for turning those dry product specs into stellar, sticky sales copy. You need a repeatable, research-driven framework you & your team can come back to again and again.

… Which is precisely why we created this course.

After taking this course, you’ll:

  • Know how to systematically “tear down” & rebuild the copy of virtually any sales page
  • Nail your messaging through rigorous voice-of-customer research
  • Ditch the clichés and infuse your copy with authenticity & passion
  • Weave your messages together into a story that sells
  • Choose messages that trigger your customers’ real-life motivations
  • Craft value propositions that capture visitors’ attention & pull them in

See how elite copywriters go from asking questions … to analyzing research … to creating messaging flows … to crafting the final copy.

PLUS: Get a complete kit of conversion – copy-writing worksheets, templates & checklists along with the course, so you can immediately transfer & apply everything you’ve learned into your own business.

Learn how to fix your value propositions, product messaging & sales page copy … in just 9 sessions

Got a sales page or website that needs a serious messaging makeover?

Bring it to class and apply what you learn immediately as conversion copywriting maven Momoko Price reveals the exact process she uses to optimize messaging & page copy for enterprises, agencies & startups like Intuit, MetaLab, and Respondly (recently acquired by Buffer).

This course is right for you if…

  • You’re in charge of marketing, drive traffic to key landing pages (including your homepage), and feel like you just can’t get the needle moving
  • You’re tired of taking an ineffective “spaghetti” approach to your messaging (a.k.a. throwing random ideas around & seeing what sticks)
  • You suspect (or know) that your sales page copy … well, sucks (hallmarks of sucky sales page copy: persistently low conversion rate, +60% bounce rate, visitors fail to scroll, few CTA clicks)
  • Your team desperately needs a clear, structured, documented process for sales-page copywriting it can go back to again & again

Your full course curriculum

How to Conduct a Copy “Teardown”

  • Conduct a conversion-focused copy teardown of your own sales page
  • Quantify the persuasive power of your existing copy
  • Identify & prioritize — in just a few minutes — what you should change to improve your sales page copy

Introduction to Message-Mining

  • Find high concentrations of prospect-generated messages about your product online.
  • Identify promising, powerful instances of these messages to “swipe” and use as future sales copy.

Mining Messages From Your Customers

  • Extract the foundation of your sales narrative and page copy through various voice-of-customer research methods (surveys, interviews, user tests)
  • Design high-response-rate, messaging-focused surveys to extract messages from your site visitors and customers
  • Understand critical dos & don’ts of conducting messaging-focused voice-of-customer interviews

Crafting Effective Unique Value Propositions

  • Sharpen our understanding of what unique value propositions really are and why they’re critical to any sales narrative — online and offline.
  • Recognize the way value propositions fundamentally change with product type and audience awareness.
  • Devise strong value propositions for virtually any product — even niche/new products — using a logical, repeatable framework.

Message Hierarchies

  • Understand how the fundamentals of story can greatly improve your sale page’s persuasive impact.
  • Construct a killer value proposition for your product with some strategically collected voice-of-customer data.
  • Use Google Spreadsheets to instantly transform dry survey response data into a complete messaging hierarchy for any sales page.

Writing the First Draft

  • Create a customer-informed, data-driven first draft of your sales page, without having to battle the blank page … or even write much on your own!
  • Shape raw, rambly customer-generated comments into surprisingly compelling headlines, subheadlines and body copy.

Editing & Punching Up Your Copy

  • Make your sales copy (whether data-driven or not) SIGNIFICANTLY BETTER by following a few simple, conversion-focused editing principles.

Conversion-Focused Formatting & Layout

  • Make your sales page copy as easy to scan & read as possible in a digital context.
  • Leverage key design principles to control the order, pacing, and emphasis of your copy in your readers’ heads.
  • Create actual-size, clickable prototypes of your page copy that you can share with your clients / team.

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