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In 2014 I created a program that changed the lives a thousand people who wanted to become successful Social Media Managers, without the struggle that I had to go through.

Since it’s launch the success stories have been nothing short of amazing. I have recently created Social Monkey Business 3.0 – Which is SO much more Kapow than the first one!


1. The beginnings of “How A Newbie With Zero Business Experience Created A Highly Lucrative Social Media Agency” (3.40)

2. What got started me as a Six Figure Social Media Manager(10:52)

3. How I Transitioned from a job I hated (and being a Nobody) to a Success (12:59)

4. The Humble Beginnings of Jinga Social and what life was like at the beginning of the company (12:47)

5. Why Social Media Management is the easiest sale you’ll ever make… (20:49)

6. Why you don’t need to be an expert in Social Media to win as a Social Media Manager (32:18)

7. How to make the right upsells to your clients to create a win-win-win solution. Your client’s win. You win and your client’s customers win. (41:00)

8. How to make sure you’re charging the right thing your services (41:28)
9. How to Make More Money for Less work, leaving you more time to do what you absolutely love at your core (kids, travel, reading)(47:32)

10. How I work from Anywhere I want to work from (cafes, airports, libraries) (50:26)

11. How to take the Fastest Path to Six Figures in your agency, without headaches or stress (54:10)

Sales Page: https:// socialmonkeybusiness. com/


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